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Lights Dare Verano 2017

Pocas veces sacamos tiempo para compartir de manera sana y divertida con colegas, nos pasamos tanto tiempo trabajando que a veces perdemos hasta la pasión por lo que hacemos. Bueno,...
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Custom Wedding Albums

Signature Collection Albums is our premier wedding product. All of our albums are produced right here in the Dominican Republic. Hand-made fine art albums are just the type of album you need...
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My First Drone Flight

Armed with my brand new DJI Phantom 4, I wanted to test it with a beautiful natural resource that makes us looks good every day, I am talking about Sosua...
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Norkelis & Noreily

Having a good time with this lovely mother and her daughter. Noreily is having is 1st Year Party with her best friend, Mom. 

Small Properties

Small properties and small spaces are always hard to capture in photographs. That’s why we keep looking to improve our photography every day. The most difficult areas to shoot are...
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Victoria Markelova

Victoria Markelova, a beautiful young woman from Ukraine goes for a Personal Photoshoot at the ruins of the Old Fortress and the new Amphitheater of Puerto Plata. With the assistance of...
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